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   Ran Hong

   Principal Investigator

    Born in October, 1975 in Lanxi, Zhejiang. 

    Tel: +86-21-54925161 & 54925170
    Location: Science Bld.1–622/620/605/607 (office: 604)


   Mail Box 25
CAS Key Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry of Natural Substances
    Center for Excellence in Molecular Science

    Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    345 Lingling Road, Shanghai 200032, CHINA

Research Experiences:

    since Mar 2007              PI, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
    Jul 2002--Mar 2007       Postdoc Fellow, Brandeis University (Prof Li Deng)
    Aug 2001--Jun 2002      Postdoc Fellow, University of Houston (Prof Jay K Kochi)
    Sept 1996--Jul 2001      Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (Prof Guo-Qiang Lin)
    Sept 1992--Jul 1996      Sichuan University (with honors, major: Physical Chemistry)

Teaching Experiences:

   Teaching: "Asymmetric Synthesis" for SIOC Graduate Students (2010-)

    Teaching Assistant to "Asymmetric Synthesis" (2008, 2009)
    Teaching Assistant to "Physical Chemistry" at Sichuan University (1996/3-5)

Consulting, Professionals, and Awards:

   Apr 2010—Mar 2016    Scientific consultant,  "Bayer-SIOC Collaboration Program"
    Aug 2010—Jul 2015     PI, "Zhejiang Pharm-SIOC Joint Lab for Drug Synthesis"
    2015  ACP Lectureship Award (2015, Taiwan)
    2016  ACP Lectureship Award (2016, Japan and Malaysia) 
    2017 ACP Lectureship Award (2017, Singapore) 
    2017  CCS Wei-Shan Scholar Award for Natural Product Synthesis
    2018  Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 

    2017—   Editorial member for Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry

2019—   ACP International Coordinator (Mainland China)

 Research Interests:  

    Biomimetic Total Synthesis of Natural Products and Asymmetric Catalysis 

Brief Biography:

Ran was raised up in Lanxi, a quiet town in the middle of Zhejiang province, China, and finished his major in physical chemistry from the Department of Chemistry at Sichuan University in 1996. Following the completion of his PhD study on natural product synthesis under the supervision of Professor Guoqiang Lin at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry in 2001, he conducted the postdoctoral research on charge-transfer complex with the mentorship of late Professor Dr. Jay K. Kochi at University of Houston. Later he joined the Professor Li Deng’s group at Brandeis University to focus on asymmetric synthesis. Since March 2007, he has been appointed Principal Investigator at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry to define his interest in exploiting the biomimetic approach on asymmetric method development and total synthesis of structurally complex and biologically significant natural products.