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Donghu BAI (2011/9-2013/7)           MS (Shanghai University, Prof. Xueshun Jia)

Ruifeng YING (2011/9-2013/7)          MS (Zhejiang NormalUniversity, Prof. Xiaoxia Wang)        

Xiang, Lu (2009/5-2011/7)                 Graduated with the Master Degree (PhD candidate at Emory Univ.)

Cheng, Li (2007/5-2011/7)                 Graduated with the PhD Degree

Xu, Xiaowei     (2009/7-2010/1)

Zhang, Yuying  (2007/6-2009/6)          Graduated with the Master Degree

Zhang, Wenjing (2007/9-2009/6)         Graduated with the Master Degree

Wang, Dan   (2008/4-2008/11)

Wei, Dong (2007/7-2008/10)

Gu, Qiangshuai  (2008/3-2008/6)         Current:  The University of Hong Kong (2008)

Ding, Feiqing  (2007/7-2008/5)            Current:  Graduate Student in the Department of

                                                            Chemistry at NTU (Singapore)

Zhang, Meijuan (2007/7-2007/9)         Current: Graduate Student at USTC (2008)