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To equal Nature here, the same means have to be applied,
and I therefore foresee the day when physiological chemistry will not only
make extensive use of the natural enzymes as agents, but when it will also
prepare synthetic ferments for its purposes.

------ Emil Fischer, Nobel Lecture, December 12, 1902.


Our group locates in the CAS Key Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry of Natural Substances. We are a group of passionate chemists working on biomimetic synthesis of biologically important natural products.  The biomimetic chemistry covers topics as diverse as biogenetic-type reaction and biomimetic strategy of total synthesis. 

Currently, our group consists of 14 graduate students, 3 research associates and 1 assistant PI with diverse reserach backgrounds. The research is supported by 973, NSFC, CAS, SIOC, Shanghai Rising-Star Program and industrial funds from Bayer and Zhejiang Medicine co..

Welcome talented and self-motivated young chemists to join our research group.